Friday, February 8, 2013

Pizza with an Indian twist

After a mind boggling work week, I am back! I have been cooking but just not posting..

So the mind boggling work week made me think while driving back from work that what is my ultimate comfort food? What food can melt away all my stress??...PIZZA!!! Yes!!! My two stress busters..Cooking and Pizza! Woot Woot!! Let's get to work.

Made this whole thing in about two hours. I know it's a long time but the satisfaction of a pizza made from scratch is unparalleled. It's a sense of achievement and the pizza tastes extra yummy ;)

This is going to be my first attempt to explain things more through pictures. I think it's more fun and it gives us a way to use husband's super fancy camera!
First step is to make a yeast mixture and let is stand for 10 minutes in a warm place.

After 10 minutes, make a soft dough (3-4 mins of hand kneading) out of the yeast mixture above and flour. Let it rest covered with a moist cloth for 1 hour. Punch a few times all around the dough to get the air bubbles spread evenly. Let it rest covered for another 30 minutes.

The dough is double in size and ready to go! I divided it in two parts with a knife and rolled on a floured surface with some more flour on top to make it not stick on the roller.Since I decided to make an Indian toppings pizza, instead of marinara I used curry paste and coriander chutney (easily available in Indian stores). If you don't have an Indian store nearby, you can grind a bunch of cilantro leaves, 1tsp cumin, 1/2tsp salt, 1/2" ginger and 1 green chilly to make a paste. 

Notice that I used a flat pan because I don't have a pizza stone. After the toppings I let my pan warm up and cook some crust from the middle on the stove. Hot pan before going into the oven will give a pizza stone effect.
Paneer is an Indian cheese and is a great alternative for my veggie people. Others can cook some ground chicken with curry paste and make flat patties.

This was baked in the oven on broil (500F) until I could see the brown crust.

What's your comfort food?? May be we all can share some comforting and stress busting food recipes!


  1. I'm doing a guest post for another blog tomorrow with an Indian pizza recipe! Not as authentic as yours, though (if there is such a thing as authentic Indian pizza!)--no paneer. :)

  2. HI Astha,
    Thank you for visiting my blog, you have a lovely space here!

  3. Ohhh I love that Pizza. You know what Astha, since I learned how to make my own Pizza dough I cannot buy from any of the commercial Pizza places. Love your recipe. A must try :)