Monday, January 7, 2013

Story of Naan Bread

First post in my third food blog! I have never been able to commit to one blog because (I am lazy..) I could never find myself interested or had a path.

THIS TIME I think I do..yes I DO.

I am a transplant to the USA from India and I am proud of my food. That aside, I love the American cuisine (is there something like that??). American cuisine aka pasta, tacos, americanized chinese, hibachi, etc etc..wink wink.

I live in the deep south of this country where people really are not aware of many cuisines and some are SCARED to try new cuisines.

But, I managed to make my colleagues like the Indian Naan which they lovingly call Naan Bread (I think it's cute!). I think it's so cute that I named my blog after it and it inspired me to write.

This blog hence is about me, my experiences with normal American plus Southern American culture and my experimenting with different foods (yes, I will discuss my failures too!!)

Hope YA'ALL love me because I am sure I will love you if you read my blog :D

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  1. I live in the South too! Although not the Deep South. But I get what you mean, I do miss some of the yummy ethnic food we used to get when we lived in Chicago. Good luck with your new blog!